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Mobile E-learning

With the advent of newer technologies like HTML5 which supports the growing need for mobile-compatible e-learning content, we provide better solutions for 'on-the-go' learners. The new-age learners engage largely in mobile learning. Our mobile learning solutions are aimed to create an opportunity for learning on the go.

Custom E-learning

Our custom e-learning services focus on learners e-learning needs. Through the learner's needs, we create a learning design that fits.

We create e-learning courses that are interactive and engaging. Be it a stand-alone training course or an extended program, we provide services customized to meet your needs. 

Micro Learning

Micro learning is effective for easy learning which provides greater impact and retention for learners.
Our micro learning solutions provide stand-alone learning strategies where the curriculum provides short-term learning activities, lesson plans, projects and learners assignment. 


Here comes learning by design strategy. Our learning solutions are simulated with virtual worlds which make learners to be engrossed and immersed in the learning process. Simulated designs can serve as instructor-led training.
Here, we make virtual reality come to life.  

Game-based learning and gamification. 

Game-based learning focuses on learning designs. Learners learn more, concentrate more and retain more through experience.
Technology has given us the freedom to mold our learning on a lighter note and introduce the unique concept of game based learning. As the name suggests, it is learning based on the experiential nature of a game, tapping in full involvement from the learner and holding it throughout the entire learning cycle.

We blend regular e-learning courses with game-based learning. 

Rapid Authoring

With rapid authoring, we develop smart solutions to save cost and time
We engage in rapid authoring aimed at achieving the following:

1. Save cost and time of e-course authoring.
2. Help in providing update or upgrade of courses.
3. Product/software trainings.

Localized E-learning

For your content localization needs arising from cultural, ethnic, religious, regional and language backgrounds, etc we develop cutting-edge solutions second to none.   

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